sous vide basics

Why Sous Vide?

Traditional cooking methods in a pan, range, oven, or grill uses high and fluctuating temperatures, even with exact timing your results may vary greatly from dish to dish and from edge to edge of your meats. With just a moment of inattention, conventional cooking can quickly overshoot perfection.

But now there are immense benefits available to your kitchen through the revolutionary French cooking technique of sous vide (= under vacuum). The term refers more to accurate temperature control than vacuum sealing in a bag.

The sous vide process uses low cooking temperatures in a water bath well below boiling temperatures – usually between 120°F to 170°F – rather than exact timing at high temperatures. Therefore overcooking is virtually impossible so it leaves little margin for error.

If you control the cooking temperature accurately – usually within 1°F - the sous vide method will yield results that are nearly impossible to achieve by traditional cooking means. Watch the video we created and check out the sous vide advanges