Sous Vide Advantages

See how simple it is to use fusionchef by Julabo premium sous vide collection to create consistently repeatable outcomes that keep your customers coming back for more.

  • Accurate water bath temperature determines food doneness - not cooking time.
  • Virtually no overcooking possible due to the low cooking temperature.
  • Lesser fats, lesser salts and spices needed due to containment in vacuum bag – healthier dishes.
  • Enhanced flavors and consistent texture from edge to edge.
  • Enables less nutritional losses and less food shrinkage.
  • Vacuum-compressed pouches produce denser food with smooth texture.
  • Saves time: Prepare & slow cook a number of many sous vide bags portions , chill & store in refrigerator or freezer for future use. Thaw or reheat in water bath at same target temperature.
  • Consistent reproducibility every time - perfect for caterers and restaurants.
  • Reduce cost in food and labor, increase shelf life with Cook & Chill.
  • Pioneering HACCP logging in Diamond Series.
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