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How sous vide gives kitchens much more than perfectly done meats.

At fusionchef we like to tell people how our Diamond series of immersion circulators delivers “Sous Vide Peace of Mind.” But then what's a claim without real-world support? Today, we interview Chef Jason Wilson of Crush restaurant about the operational benefits of integrating fusionchef sous vide cooking into his Seattle restauarnt, Crush.

"My Diamond brought more than just great tastes to our kitchen; it gave us a new structure to our workflow and brought a new sensibility to the line," said Wilson. "Food taste, texture and nutrition aside for just a minute - sous vide's biggest gifts to our kitchen have been operational efficiency, reduced food costs and less kitchen chaos."

The operational benefits of sous vide are so great that many larger restaurants are looking into it to enhance consistency and provide standardized excellence regardless of line cook skill.


  1. SIMPLE PREP / SINGLE-SERVE PORTIONS: By vacuum-packaging inventory meals one or two days in advance, restaurants can reduce food costs through single-serve portions.

  2. LONGER SHELF LIFE: "We can easily grab single-serve portions from the walk-in or reach-in and quickly bring them up to temp," says Wilson. "If fewer guests than expected order something, we can store servings in chilled storage a little longer—since the sealed plastic bags form oxygen barriers that slow the growth of bacteria and delay spoilage."
  3. LESS SHRINKAGE: "With sous vide, we have better yield on our product because we have less water loss," says Wilson. "Our products actually look and are BIGGER when we cook them with the sous vide technique, which makes our customers really happy."

  4. STREAMLINED OPERATIONS: Kitchen chaos is reduced through sous vide. "I’d say both our prep and line operations are much more streamlined when using sous vide," says Wilson. "We've reduced prep time by as much as three days a week!" And with less pots and pans on the line, cleanup is streamlined, too.

FIND OUT MORE: If the idea of impacting your kitchen economics and operations by adding just one piece of equipment sounds exciting, learn more by watching these two videos:

Why Sous Vide?  Enhanced Economics

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