WHY SOUS VIDE: Catering Integration

Find out how fusionchef gives you the greatest amount of control cooking in a mobile scenario!

Jason Wilson “I’ve cooked sous vide in a winery, in a barn, and in an airplane hangar. I even cooked sous vide in the middle of a field, with just enough extension cord to get me there.”

If you don’t want to pre-prep your meals elsewhere or pull them out of a hot box, see how fusionchef gives you complete control over the exact temperature, timing and look for meals catered at mobile events.

View Chef Jason Wilson’s sous vide catering video >

Catering is a mobile process.

  • With a mobile solution, you can sous vide anywhere.
  • Sous vide really represents the greatest amount of CONTROL when cooking in a mobile scenario.

Catering has to be consistent.

  • fusionchef allows you to present food correctly & consistently.
  • Food needs to be presented correctly. You control exact temperature, timing and look with fusionchef.

fusionchef provides easy Integration with your catering business.

  • Our support team works with your business to help you get the most out of sous vide.
  • Contact us to get find out how we can help your catering business grow!

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