No HACCP Headaches

fusionchef helps you navigate HACCP planning

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) is a system designed to ensure food safety. It was originally designed to keep astronauts from getting food poisoning. Now, many Boards of Health require it for sous vide cooking in commercial kitchens.

“The HACCP plan for sous-vide approval is so involved, it's been a deterrent for many,” says Emmanuelle Fish in The Village Voice. “Though sample plans are available on the Health Department website, some restaurants just don't bother.”

Rather than pass up the many benefits of sous vide cooking because of potential HACCP headaches, many restaurants are turning to fusionchef.

  • HACCP COMPLIANCE MADE EASY: We also offer easy-to-use PC software that monitors up to 24 Diamonds at a time on-screen: Diamond Clarity Package

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