Freeze in Freshness!

Sous vide food lasts longer . . . 

Cook once, re-heat on demand.

Store cooked, sous vide meals for weeks of superb flavor.


Budget Blog_1b Stock your fridge with fresh produce; stock your FREEZER with pre-cooked sous vide meals that are simple to reheat in your fusionchef water oven!  


Want to make your grocery budget go further, discover more variety and nutrition in your meals, and free up time in your schedule for life outside of the kitchen?

Then give freezer meals a try. fusionchef sous vide takes a healthy spin on the convenience of old-school TV dinners with fresh, nuttitional, delicious sous vide dinners you can make in advance and freeze.


What are freezer meals?

Freezer meals are entire meals prepped in advance, and then frozen for later use. They can be completely cooked in your Sous Vide Prime and Sous Vide Pure water ovens, so that all they need is thawing and reheating. This makes it easy for teenagers or busy parents to quickly get dinner ready during the week, and to have plenty of variety from which to choose!

1. With your fusionchef sous vide water oven, cook up a variety of healthy dishes and then clearly label the bags with what's inside and the date.   2. Quick chill and store cooking pouches full of cooked, sous vide dinners for weeks. Meats last up to a year. Veggies up to six weeks. OR quick chill and refrigerate for freshness for 2-3 days.    3. When you come home from work, there's no more staring into the fridge wondering what to make. Instead, a quick look in the freezer reveals you've got lots of healty sous vide choices!



Save Time! 

Learn to batch cook freezer meals >

With a little planning, you can
cook a month of meals in a day!

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Want to try it? Learn how to Quick Chill sous vide items for freezing here!



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