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Veggies are fresher and cheaper when bought locally.


Budget Blog_3_new It's true. These days I LOOK at vegetables differently. My fusionchef has taught me to 'tune in' to the season and I'm so much more aware of what is fresh, locally-grown, organic and available to me!


I tend to eat out a LOT.I pack little snacks and lunches.I heat up a lot of leftovers.I order a lot of take-out.Since I'm on-the-go so much, it seems to make sense. But it does get expensive. I realized restaurant food is just not always what I want. And it's not always the most nutritional option, even when I try to order wisely, you know?  Grocery Shopping


I always drop by my Mom's at least once  a week for her home cooking.  That's probably why she did it. My mother knows I like good-tasting, good-for-you, home-cooked food; I just don't make it for myself. If I tried, I probably could be a great cook; but I've just never had the time or the interest. I just really love GOOD FOOD. However.... I must say, since mom gave me a Sous Vide Starter Set from fusionchef for my birthday, things have changed. Cooking is easier with sous vide.


My personal sous vide chef:

Now I get home-cookin' as good
as my mom's in my own home!

Woman Relaxing on a Swing in a Garden


It's like instead of following crazy recipes and standing over the stove for 2 hours,

cooking is fun and just an extension of shopping, really.


Well, for me:  I just really love going to the farmer's market or the Whole Foods to get vegetables that are grown locally and are in season and fresh. So, using fusionchef recipes and cooking with my fusionchef is just: (1) unpacking my groceries, (2) washing them and slicing them, and (3) slipping their food pouches with a few fresh herbs and seasonings into the warmed-up water bath and I go do my thing.


I don't really feel like I'm cooking; fusionchef kind of takes care of business.


My veggies come out perfect; I don't have to watch them or stir them or flip them or baste them.

My Sous Vide Pure keeps any dish I make warm until I'm ready to eat (without over-cooking!) .

It's fun; it's easy. I'm eating healhier and I even invited some friends from yoga over for dinner!

Try these (very easy) recipes and see what a difference sous vide makes!


Budget Blog_3D

Chicken Fajitas

Green Beans & Red peppers

Yummy Fresh
Chicken Fajitas


Here's to new experiences!


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