Get out of the Kitchen

Join the party. Enjoy your guests!

Dial in your temp; fusionchef does the work.

Get out of the kitchen; live it up in the living room!


Enterain 1-1 It used to be that the only time my husband and I visited with each other at parties was AFTER all the guests left. One of us was always in the kitchen, while the other was entertaining.


With fusionchef, now we can get the cooking out of the way before anyone shows up. When guests arrive, we can greet them. After Tom pours them a glass of wine, we can enjoy our wine along side them. It's revolutionary!  You see, our water oven gets everything to temp and then holds it there—hot and ready-to-serve without ever over-cooking—until we’re all ready.  We can enjoy our friends, the party, and each other. Because of fusionchef, entetaining really IS effortless!


No more kitchen parties:

I finally get to enjoy
my friends out in the living room! 

Enterain 1-2


Ever since we started to sous vide with fusionchef, I love parties! We're not really hosting New Year's Eve costume balls or anything. Our celebrations are more like Book Club dinners and backyard birthday parties for the girls. But I'm up for hosting the family Thanksgiving this year, now that I have help!


Whatever style of get-together, I'm no longer stuck in the kitchen. I'm at the party!


It's like having a caterer, really. My fusionchef water oven keeps whatever our menu is for the afternoon or evening at perfect serving temperature until I serve it. Even if the hors d'oeuvres get forgotten or it takes longer than I thought to get everyone seated, fusionchef keeps things fresh and hot and ready.



Entertain 1-3

Here’s a dish I made for a baby shower brunch recently.

Try it and let me know how your next party goes!

Wild Mushroom & Goat Cheese Scramble

Party On!

Sue Veed

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