Get Your Afternoons Back

Drop it in and go!  

More time for your kind of fun.

Prep-and-seal your meals in the a.m. then drop-and-go. Enjoy not cooking. 


Convenience_Blog 3 With the life I lead and the schedule I keep, I was finding myself skipping workouts, seeing my friends less, and never really feeling "caught up" until I hired a personal chef in the form of my water oven.

I heard about water oven from my personal trainer, so I checked it out and found that there was a great introductory offer for a "starter set." Well, I ordered it and me and my fusionchef are now BFFs. The set came with an easy step-by-step sous vide cookbook of some really delicious One-Pot Meals that are super-simple to prep; and I also ordered the Healthy Meals sous vide cookbook, because I'm getting healthier every day...


Get Out of the Kitchen:
Let fusionchef do the cooking
while you enjoy your healthy lifestyle.


I had heard that sous vide was a healthy way to eat, but I didn't realize that fusionchef could give me some of "my time" back. I mean, it's awesome; suddenly I have so much more time in my schedule that I used to spend cooking. Now, I either plan out a week's worth of meals and do a batch cook on Sunday and freeze 'em, so all I have to do is drop a bag in the water oven to re-heat in the evening. Or, what I've been doing lately is to prep a meal and vacuum-seal it in the morning before I leave for work and stash it in the fridge. When I get home from work, I drop-it-in and go do something in the afternoon while fusionchef does the work. When I return from a run or yoga, dinner is hot and ready and always delicious.   


There's no standing over the stove or basting things in the oven. fusionchef takes care of everything for me and holds the meal "at temp" until I'm ready to serve it up. It works great with my busy lifestyle as a single woman and gives me more time for things I want to be doing other than cooking. It's wonderful for when I have people over for dinner because I can serve great-tasting food and know it will be uber-tender and always packed with flavor (and nutrients!) and I'm free to visit with my guests and not cook in front of them. Nice, huh?


If you're interested in a starter set, I recommend the fusionchef for singles or even for couples. And the Prime is a little bigger for familes (or if you like to entertain alot.)


Here is what I'm making Saturday for a potluck:


Simplify_Blog 3

Rockin' Morrocan


Thanks fusionchef for giving me back my free-time & for helping to keep me healthy!





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