Guests Late? No problem!

Don't worry, food stays ready

Let your water oven do the heavy lifting - EVEN WHEN YOU'RE GRILLING!

fusionchef gets meats up to temp - you just add the finishing touches!


Entertain 2-1

OK, I might not drive the hottest car or have the lowest golf score, but I've got the best backyard. So summertime is always BBQ time at my house! No matter when people show up, I'm ready for them.


Two of my brothers, my business partner and my best friend all live within 10 miles of me. So every summer, my backyard is buzzin' with BBQ. This year, our new water oven is turning out to be a meat-eater's dream machine. It's incredibly easy to get exactly medium-rare every time I cook steak. It makes ribs fall-off-the-bone tender. And it actually saves me time and gas at the grill. Let me tell ya...

Just call me Grillmaster, guys! Sous vide cooks meat
 every time!


With sous vide, I get all the credit for grilling but don't do all the work!


I like to grill, but I don't want to spend my whole summer doing it. With the water oven that we got, my flame-time just adds grill marks and that great char flavor you get from an open fire. The rest of the afternoon, I'm making good use of that new hammock my daughter got me for Father's Day or I'm throwing the ball for the dog.


Here's how it goes: I plug in the fusionchef outside—right by my grill wthin easy reach.

> I cook everything in the fusionchef to medium-rare, then 'finish' on the grill.

> Sous vide keeps meat from shrinking so all my portions are BIGGER!

> It traps in all meats' juices and fat, so every cut is mouthwatering delicious.

> Our fusionchef get meats up to temp & holds them there until I'm ready to char.

If someone shows up late, I just pull out a steak and it's ready in under a minute.



Check out fusionchef Beef & Lamb cookbook for:

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  • Stuffed Bacon and Blue Burger
  • Moroccan Kebabs
  • Smoky Sous Vide Brisket



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BBQ Beef Sandwiches

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