How Sous Vide Works

Seal in goodness

More vitamins. More minerals. More flavor!  

Vacuum-seal fresh ingredients and  delicious nutrition has nowhere to go.


vacuumbagimage By cooking in a vacuum-sealed pouch, meals never dry out. Flavors & nutrients are locked in with food's natural juices for extreme taste!  

We decided last year to only buy local produce. There are too many good reasons to shop in season and know where your food comes from; and I wanted my daughter to learn more about nutrition and sustainability. This excellent article "Get the Most from Your Famer's Market" by Mary Elizabeth Hurn details how shopping at the local farmer's market is good for your taste buds, your nutrition, and your local economy. And she offers some fantastic Green Market Shopping Tips that I hope you check out.


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With our fusionchef sous vide water oven, we're able to visit our farmer's market on a wekend morning and by that afternoon, we've got a week's worth of vegetables sealed and cooked at the peak of their freshnss and nutritional value. I like to store our fresh veggies for the week in our freezer and then all week long, we have fresh-frozen, nutrient-rich, side dishes for our dinners. It's so easy! Want to try it?  Learn how to Quick Chill sous vide items for freezing here!


I remember how my grandmother used to can tomotoes and vegetables from her garden and it would take hours and hours of hard work. fusionchef lets me capture the freshness of the season, quickly and conveniently!


The Pros Know:

Sous vide captures more nutrients
and flavors for enhaced tastes & textures.

Jason Wilson


Get nutritious and let us know how it feels! Try our delicious step-by-step sous vide vegetables recipes online.



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