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Simple ways to stretch your budget.

Turn tougher cuts into super tender and juicy meats! 



Nutrition_Blog_2 Sous vide seals in flavor and juices to ensure meat is always incredibly moist and tender. By cooking meat slowly at low-temps, fusionchef tenderizes economy cuts so they taste like you spent more than you did!


With fusionchef, I've learned that our water oven can help me feed my family for less money (and more flavor!)

If you want to make the most of meat, try sous vide because it always puts out tender, juicy meats and never over-cooks. You can get exactly "medium-rare" every time you cook a steak (or whichever temp is your favorite) with fusionchef and you can tenderize cheaper cuts of meat by cooking them slowly at low-temp in your counter-top sous vide water oven.



Perfectly cooked with fusionchef:

Sous vide delivers end-to-end perfect doneess, every time!

Budget Rib Eye


When I checked out fusionchef—I learned that sous vide:

> makes inexpensive cuts of meat tender, moist and succulent

> gives you BIGGER servings because all meats shrink LESS

> and creates sublime textures by trapping in all meats juices!


In general, beef and chicken and even fish shrinks by about 25 percent when cooked using traditional methods. I learned that with fusionchef, meats' natural juices, all the water that's intrinsically in the meat and muscles, and all the delicious flavorful, healthy fats get captured so meat stays incredibly moist and doesn't shrink like it does on the grill. The fusionchef vacuum sealer that I got seals in all of meat's yummy juices; they don't drip off and instead they all get incorporated into the FLAVOR of the meat. I experimented and discovered that it's true: all the nutrients and flavors remain intact with little or no protein shrinkage—so you get bigger and juicier steaksroasts and my family's favorite: ribs!


Also, when I sous vide meats, I like to use marinades. Since the cooking times are long and slow, the marinade works to further tenderize the meatwhile my fusionchef water oven breaks down the meats through the slow and gentle sous vide cooking technique!  D




 meat cookbook Check out fusionchef Beef & Lamb cookbook for:


  • Mediterranean Lamb Shanks
  • BBQ Beef Short Ribs
  • Stuffed Bacon and Blue Burger
  • Moroccan Kebabs
  • Smoky Sous Vide Brisket


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