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Groceries go further with sous vide.  

Get bigger servings when you cook sous vide and reduce how much food shrinks.


Nutrition_Blog 2a Eating healthy can be expensive because  organic costs more. We don't really eat pre-packaged or processed foods. So I'm always looking for ways to make food last longer or go further.  

With fusionchef, I've learned that our Sous Vide Prime water oven makes the most of meat. It's always tender, juicy and never over-cooks. My husband had read how sous vide makes it incredibly easy to get exactly "medium-rare" every time you cook a steak (or whichever temp is your favorite).  That was enough to get his interest.


Meats shrink less with fusionchef:
Sous vide gives you
juicier meats every time!


When I looked into fusionchef—I learned that sous vide also:

> makes inexpensive cuts of meat tender, moist and succulent

> gives you BIGGER servings because all meats shrink LESS

> and creates sublime textures by trapping in all meats juices!


In general, beef, poultryand fish shrink about 25 percent when cooked. So, a 4-ounce skinless, boneless chicken breast only yields approx. 3 ounces of cooked meat. You need to account for this shrinkage when purchasing meat, unless you're cooking sous vide!  You see, shrinkage occurs when water evaporates from the surface of meat and when fat, water and juices drip from the meat. Shrinkage during cooking is inevitable and it occurs with every cooking method. It can be as low as 10%, or as high as 50%, but average shrinkage loss is between 15% and 30%. However, with fusionchef, all those juices, water and delicious fat gets captured so your meat doesn't shrink like it does on the grill; and it all gets incorporated into the FLAVOR of the meat.

The fusionchef vacuum sealer seals in all of meat's yummy juices. All the nutrients and flavors remain intact with little or no protein shrinkage—so you get bigger and juicier steaks, roasts, and shanks,every time!



Check out fusionchef Beef & Lamb cookbook for:

  • Mediterranean Lamb Shanks
  • BBQ Beef Short Ribs
  • Stuffed Bacon and Blue Burger
  • Moroccan Kebabs
  • Smoky Sous Vide Brisket







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