Re-Think Fast Food

QUICK meals in a snap

Flavorful sous vide foods kids love.  

It’s simple to reheat single-serve pouches for healthy food, fast.


Convenience_Blog 4 You are what you eat. And if you don’t want a pizza for a kid, try cooking some single-serve items in advance that you can quickly warm up for your little ones after school OR that tweens and teens can easily heat up in your fusionchef.

When you’ve got your own to-do list and not much time to do it, it can be tempting to let your kids hit the drive-thru after school. But burgers and fries aren’t the healthiest (or most budget-friendly) choice for growing bones and brains. “I used to prep apples and carrots for my kids when they were younger for afternoon snacks,” says Nancy, mother of two teen boys. “Now after soccer practice, they want something more filling. So it's a bigger meal when they get home and a healthy snack later in the evening. Sous vide meals are easy for them to heat-up on their own.”


Single-Serve Sanity:
Replace after-school junk food
with healthier “fast food.”

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To find a good balance between protein-rich meals and convenience, cook up these easy single-serve sous vide meals on the weekend; your family can simply re-heat them during the week. Tanya has a husband and 10-year old daughter. I’m taking classes twice a week so I can't always prepare their dinner. I’ve limited pizza delivery to once-a-week and I leave the fusionchef filled and ready to go—it’s easy and safe. They can pick what they want from the freezer and I trust they can heat it up in our water oven without burning the house down.”


Try these nutritious, single-serve meals kids will love; they're simple to make in advance:


 Texas Cowboy Stew

Chicken Fajitas 

 Texas Cowboy Stew

Yummy Chicken Fajitas



Give 'em a try and let us know how it goes!






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