Ready When You Are

Food stays hot never overcooks

Ditch the microwave. Try sous vide! 

Keep dinner at perfect temp until everyone makes it to the table.


Simplify_Blog 2 My family used to eat in shifts. The kids would get a hot, fresh meal at 5:30 and whenever my husband made it home from the commute, we’d warm-up the leftovers in the microwave. Not optimal.

With fusionchef, now we're sitting at the table together about five nights a week! What’s really helped with dinner time is that our water oven keeps every meal tender, moist, hot and ready-to-serve with no over-cooking—until we’re all ready.  We still have packed schedules with soccer practice and drill team and homework, but since we got into sous vide with fusionchef—no more dry, overcooked, microwave leftovers.


Just-ready, Anytime: 
Enjoy fresh, perfectly fresh flavors
even when dinner has to wait.
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Ever since we started to sous vide with fusionchef, dinner waits for us. It’s really a lifesaver with things like chicken because when you cook conventionally—there’s a time when your chicken is “just right.” If you leave it in the oven to keep warm, it ends up drying out. With fusionchef sous vide, I can set the chicken to cook and go about my business. Even after it’s done cooking, our water oven keeps it at perfect serving temperature until I take it out. Even if the chicken stays in our sous vide countertop cooker for hours longer, it never overcooks!


Here’s our latest favorite chicken dish. I’ve made it three times.

    • First, I served it over linguine and my daughters fell in love with it. 
    • My husband Tom raved when I made orzo and asparagus to serve as side dishes.
    • I fixed it for my dad-in-law with roasted baby potatoes and squash, and he actually called me the next day to tell me how delicious dinner tasted. A nice surprise.


Try it and tell me how you and your family like it best!


Madeira Chicken

Creamy-Dreamy Madeira

Chicken & Mushrooms


Yours Truly,

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