10 Sous Vide Vegetable Recipes Created by Professional Chefs

No other method of cooking locks in and concentrates fresh vegetable flavors and preserves more vitamins for more nutrition than sous vide cooking. Although we could make a list that would take you a year to try everything, here are just ten wonderful sous vide vegetable recipes created by professional chefs that you can make yourself in about an hour or less with very little fuss.

Whether it is in the cooler months or any other time, butternut squash is a fantastic vegetable that is very versatile. This Sous Vide Butternut Squash recipe will surely make you a convert from cooking squash any way other than sous vide.

The most difficult part of this wonderful cold-weather staple and this particular dish is removing its thick skin to get to that sweet, nutty, succulent orange flesh with its silky texture when properly cooked. This sous vide recipe provides the perfect complimentary side dish to a variety of meat dishes, which can also be cooked sous vide.

Vegetables don’t get any more versatile as a side dish or main course than potatoes. This wonderful Tri-Color Baby Potatoes sous vide recipe couldn’t be any simpler, tasty and visually appealing as part of an all-vegetable meal or as a side dish to any number of main course dishes.

Cauliflower and zucchini are extremely healthy vegetables that often get a bad rap because many people don’t have a recipe or cooking method that brings out their best. Not so with this Curried Vegetables with Spicy Mint Yogurt sous vide recipe. Although it comes from a professional chef, it is the height of simplicity while also being out of this world in terms of flavor. Using a few simple ingredients, your immersion circulator, sous vide bags, and your own pots or other suitable kitchen container for a sous vide water bath, you’ve got the makings of a quick tasty snack or savory meal.

Speaking of cauliflower dishes, what could be better than this Cauliflower Soup with Ras el-Hanout? It’s the natural blending of the ingredients in sous vide bags and the perfect temperature of the sous vide water bath that make this fantastic soup a memorable taste sensation. The garnish on the roasted caraway bread really sends it over the top and makes for a truly flavor-packed, healthy, and nutritious meal.

Who doesn’t love tomato dishes! If you’re looking for a real dish best served cold, then this Cocktail Tomato Confit sous vide recipe using cherry tomatoes and ground peppercorns among other ingredients creates the perfect fondue side dish with appetizers. Since cherry tomatoes are a great size for making dishes, you can create a fusionchef Cocktail Tomatoes dish using the delicate fleur de sel and a little olive oil for a fine light taste that can be served up warm.

Orange is the new orange with these two vegetable-based sous vide recipes that utilize orange zest and juice as part of its flavor base. Since the sous vide bags not only maintain the beautiful orange color as well as the texture and nutritional value of the carrots in this
Carrot Spears with Orange and Ginger recipe, it’s a dish that is wonderful to see and eat.

The same can be said for this Orange-Infused Green Beans & Red peppers sous vide recipe, which is the perfect complement to a chicken or fish main course. You likely haven’t tasted chicory leaves prepared like this Cooked Chicory in Orange Juice recipe with honey and orange juice that serves as a tasty spinach dish substitute with a more complex flavor.

Although the pole bean/bush bean debate will always be with us, the bush bean can always use a little more of a spotlight when it comes to recipes. Juicy, crisp, fresh, and savory are the best adjectives for this sous vide Bush beans with olive oil recipe. Since there are a number of varieties of bush beans, you can choose your favorite based more on personal taste.

Whether you lean towards being a vegetarian or just want to get a better balance in your diet, eating healthy doesn’t have to mean bland and boring or tasty yet difficult to prepare. With sous vide vegetable recipes, the taste palette is nearly infinite while the prep time and repeatable nature of the perfect vegetable dish are always in the bag. Once you’ve mastered these recipes for cooking vegetables, take a look at our other sous vide recipes.

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