Five Things You Probably Didn't Know You Could Cook in a Sous Vide Oven

If you are just becoming familiar with the joys and versatility of sous vide cooking you may think it’s all about meats, poultry, fish and vegetables. There is a whole world of possibilities beyond this when it comes to sous vide. Here are just five of the many things you probably didn’t know you could cook in a sous vide cooker.

1) Ricotta Cheese, Yogurt, and Crème Fraiche

World-renowned chefs and gourmet cooks may know this, but few others that are new to the sous vide method know that it is ideal for creating exquisite yogurt and Crème fraiche’s. The same holds true for ricotta cheese. The key is in the precise control of the temperature and the sous vide water bath that can deliver a smooth and silky consistency.

2) Sauces

Every chef and budding chef wants to make their own sauces for freshness and vibrant taste, and the sous vide method makes it simple and foolproof. Everything from the perfect hollandaise with no risk of curdling or separating to tomato-based pasta sauces where you decide the ingredients are only just the beginning.

3) Cheesecake, Bread Pudding, Steamed Pudding, Crème Brûlée, and other Desserts

The sous vide water bath with sous vide bags are a perfect combination for those desserts that need a water bath at just the right temperature. Desserts like bread pudding and steamed pudding are a breeze with a sous vide machine, and sous vide accessories like a baking rack to elevate the dish above the water bath. Precise temperature control means no watching for a dry pan, no boil overs, and no sloshed water when removing pans from a regular oven. Everything comes out light, fluffy, and silky smooth.

4) Custards

Light, fluffy, and silky smooth are also the buzz words and the main goals with custards. Sous vide bags and the perfect temperature from the sous vide immersion circulator means that you get the perfect custard with no stirring to avoid the curdling or burning that is a constant stovetop companion.

5) Infused Alcohols and Syrups

If you like to entertain and want to have your own signature drinks, sous vide can provide the perfect method for creating original flavor-infused liquors or syrups for your own cocktails. The gentle heat of the sous vide machine will speed up the infusion process from weeks and months to just hours. Try this recipe for using infused sous vide rum for mojitos.

The beauty of cooking sous vide is that there is no end to the sous vide recipes and possibilities that can encompass every aspect and element of every meal from appetizers to desserts. The ability to intensify natural flavors, preserve the nutritional quality, and make the cooking process simple with always perfect results will make you turn away from other forms of cooking forever.

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