Six Professional Sous Vide Poultry Recipes

Overcooked, bland, and dried out poultry is a common problem for many home cooks. With practice it is possible to perfectly cook poultry dishes involving chicken or duck using traditional methods, but perfection is always a fine line between undercooked and overcooked. Thousands of home cooks are discovering how using sous vide cooking methods always result in poultry dishes that are highly flavorful and cooked to perfection.

Sous Vide Chicken

Chicken dishes benefit a great deal from sous vide cooking as they can be seasoned and packed with small amounts of oil, butter, or stock that would normally be required in large amounts when poaching foods. Not only does the sous vide method result in very little shrinkage and loss of juices, the nutritional quality is enhanced along with the flavor.

One of the standout sous vide recipes for chicken from an accomplished sous vide chef is
Pesto Chicken with Roasted Peppers. In addition to the simplicity and great taste of the dish, it is a sous vide recipe that can be prepared in a very short time.

Sous Vide Foie Gras & Goose

Foie gras preparation can be quite tricky for many cooks that are not highly skilled as it is difficult to get the right consistency and flavor while maintaining its original appearance. The traditional cooking methods can be problematic when the cook is unable to judge how to maintain the proper fat content along with a great texture.

Sous vide cooking has provided a major step forward in the cooking and creation of foie gras recipes in restaurants and home kitchens. This Garlic Goose Liver sous vide recipe as well as this Foie Gras recipe are a contrast in cooking time and involvement, but both provide some of the best textures and flavors that well prepared goose liver dishes can offer.

Sous Vide Duck

Nothing is worse than a poorly cooked duck, which usually suffers from being greasy and fatty. When properly prepared, duck is not greasy or fatty, and can have comparable nutritional value to other meats. Unfortunately, it can be tricky getting it so that it is cooked thoroughly without overcooking or undercooking with just the right texture and ideal flavor.

Duck dishes are tailor-made for the sous vide cooking method as it eliminates the guesswork that is inherent to other cooking methods. While a meat thermometer is always useful in cooking, it cannot tell you if the meat lacks the texture and taste that is desired. With sous vide, there is no guesswork in terms of texture and flavor.

There are many duck recipes with some being relatively simple and some more elaborate. There are several wonderful recipes that provide a good cross section where some have a more complex taste and texture palette such as this duck dish with salad and dark plum glaze. Although the recipe is a little more involved, the end result is truly spectacular with a mix of flavors and textures that are suitable for the best restaurants and dinner parties.

A little less involved but no less tantalizing taste-wise is the duck breast recipe with Jerusalem artichoke puree, vegetables, spiced duck jus, and micro cress garnish. While the sous vide method of cooking yields a perfect taste and texture of the duck breasts, the vegetables are also a standout by being prepared as blanched and then sautéed scoops of carrot, zucchini, and celeriac.

Finally, the crispy seared duck breast “Carbonnade” is a dish with fairly complex flavors that falls somewhere in the middle of elaborate and simple. The dish provides the perfect taste and perfectly cooked duck breast via the sous vide method with a short pan searing to caramelize the outside of the skin and provide additional fat reduction. The complexity in terms of taste comes from the tenggulun reduction, the bed of vanilla and coriander endives for the duck breasts, and the sautéed black trumpet mushrooms.

Poultry is a mainstay of the American kitchen with almost limitless variations of recipes that make it versatile. By applying the sous vide method to all of these recipes, cooks can ensure that the robust-to-subtle flavors are always showcased in a meal that is cooked to perfection. If these recipes look great to you then you may be interested in our other sous vide recipes.

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