Why Sous Vide?

Discover why home cooks love convenient, energy-efficient, low-temp, hands-free cooking with fusionchef.

It’s simple to sous vide with fusionchef

Enjoy more affordable, healthier, tastier food with Sous Vide Prime and Sous Vide Pure water ovens.

Sous vide is a French cooking technique that cooks food underwater in vacuum-sealed pouches at precisely-
controlled low temperatures. It’s safer than slow cookers, as easy as a microwave, and produces perfect textures,
enhanced flavors, and more nutritious meals than traditional cooking methods.

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  • Tastier, more flavorful food

    With nowhere to escape, all of foods' natural flavors, aromas, juices and fats are captured and amplified to produce the most intense flavors possible.

  • Edge-to-edge doneness

    Sous vide cooks food evenly from the core to the edge—so if you like medium-rare, your entire steak comes out that way!

  • A boost of nutrition

    All those vitamins and nutrients that are released via conventional cooking are retained in sous vide—more freshness, color and nutrients for healthier meals.

  • Exceptional textures

    Nothing is ever dried out or overcooked with sous vide—foods' natural juices are sealed in a vacuum to create succulent, moist and tender dishes.

  • Bigger, juicier servings

    With conventional cooking methods, meat shrinks by about 40% of its original size. fusionchef minimizes shrinkage to a max of 5-10%.