About Sous Vide

Discover the joy of sous vide with fusionchef

Healthier, more flavorful and nutritious meals are simple with fusionchef water ovens.
  • Intense flavor

    Tastier, more flavorful food

    With nowhere to escape, all of foods’ natural flavors, aromas, juices and fats are captured and amplified to produce the most intense flavors possible.
  • edge-to-edge doneness

    Edge-to-edge “doneness”

    Sous vide cooks food evenly from the core to the edge -- so if you like medium-rare, your entire steak comes out that way!
  • boost nutrition

    A boost of nutrition

    All those vitamins and nutrients that are released via conventional cooking are retained in sous vide -- more freshness, color and nutrients for healthier meals.
  • tender texture

    Exceptional textures

    Nothing is ever dried out or overcooked with sous vide -- foods’ natural juices are sealed in a vacuum to create succulent, moist and tender dishes.
  • “bigger

    Bigger, juicier servings

    With conventional cooking methods, meat shrinks by about 40% of its original size. fusionchef minimizes shrinkage to a max of 5-10%.


Healthy Cooking at Home

This French method of slow-cooking vacuum-sealed foods in low-tempurature water baths has been around for decades -- with many of the world’s most prestigious chefs endorsing fusionchef by Julabo sous vide equipment.

Now fusionchefbrings the professionals’ choice for sous vide cooking to the home -- for a new healthy, economical, energy-efficient way to create more flavorful, vital and economical meals -- every day!