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Vitamins and antioxidants are captured inside our PBA-free vacuum bags for healthy, juicy, extra-flavorful meals.

New to Sous Vide Cooking?

Perfect for time-strapped professionals, health-conscious parents, professional and commercial kitchen personnel or anyone looking to increased convenience, nutritional benefits and money savings from their meals. fusionchef by Julabo is designed to bring the sous vide cooking method to any type of kitchen around the world.

fusionchef by Julabo manufacture premium water baths that are faster, more efficient and safer than any other product in the market. Our Pearl and Diamond immersion circulators have been designed to provide one of the most precise temperature control systems available, bringing water to temperature quickly and efficiently maintaining temperature for extended cooking times.

Additionally, the fusionchef sous vide products are some of the most manageable and convenient machines available, with sharp displays, robust design and user-friendly temperature setting. fusionchef by Julabo is an all-inclusive cooking solution. From start to finish fusionchefoffers the tools to make every meal a success! Accessories include vacuum sealers, vacuum bags free of Bisphenol-A, lead, polyethylene and any phthalates, and cookbooks for all occasions.


Sous Vide 101

Developed in France in the 1970‘s, sous vide (meaning under vacuum) is a culinary technique in which food is vacuum-sealed and cooked in a low-temperature water bath at a consistent temperature for an extended period of time. The result is perfectly cooked food with enhanced flavor, texture and nutritional benefits.

Perfect for busy families and health-conscious home cooks looking for an easy and delicious solution to the dinner time dilemma, sous vide cooking is one of the fastest growing culinary segments and quickly moving beyond “just gourmet.”

Learning to cook sous vide is simple, creating flavorful and nutritious results in just a few simple steps!

  1. Choose fresh raw ingredients. The Sous Vide cooking technique is simple and requires little preparation. Just add your favorite herbs, spices and oil or butter as desired.
  2. Seal in seasonings and natural flavors by placing the prepped food into fusionchefcooking bag(s) vacuum sealing to maintain all the nutrients, juices and flavonoids.
  3. Set the desired time and temperature on your fusionchef by Julabo immersion circulator.
  4. Let food cook slowly. fusionchef will do all the work for you.
  5. Sear the ingredient if desired for texture, serve and enjoy. It’s that easy to prepare a delicious and healthy meal at home with fusionchef by Julabo.

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